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I’m Back Blogging Again

Hello friends, here I am back writing for my blog again. After a long long while since I was so busy with my job, business and many other things. Now I’m ready to share all of my knowledges and also my experiences to all of you. I’d been giving up blogging for around 2 years and my blog was being abandoned but I still paid for the monthly hosting fee, because I thought that someday I’ll be back writing for my blog again or creating any websites for my business or my other activities purposes. So from this time on I’ll be writing again for my blog, and some I’ll write in english and some I’ll write in bahasa Indonesia and perhaps I’ll write also in dutch for some articles.

If you are here for a very first time so let me introduce my self first again, my name is Ferry Guntoro. I’m from Jakarta Indonesia. My job is doing internet marketing especially for PPC marketing such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. I’m so familiar with PPC marketing I can do research the market for any products or services with some Google tools such as Google Keyword Planner and also Google trends, then I’ll submit the product ads to Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. And I can also doing a web analyst with Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.

My other hobby is traveling, I’d been traveling to many places in Indonesia and also in some countries in the world. And I will also share my experiences when I went to those recreational places. Some of them are the historical sites such as temples, old buildings, museums.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles on my personal blog and I hope also that you can learn many things from it. I love to share stories to anyone so I can make much more friendships.